The Treasures From The Sea Set

Brand: Sigal Arts

Product Code: B44-GLD-PRL_E83-GLD-PRL

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A set of leather bracelet and a pair of matching earrings-24k gold plated pendant elements and semi-precious gems.

A wrap-around bracelet in light-pearl skin shade. 55 centimeters long and can be also worn as a necklace.

The bracelet is adjustable and has the possibility of extension and reduction.

This astonishing piece combines 24k gold plated elements such as heart, coin, and leaf.

Combining pearls in various sizes.

Together with 24 karat gold plated elements such as heart, coin, and leaf.

The turquoise bead gives a young ambient. The leaf that symbolizes nature and the heart that symbolizes us – Create a beautiful boho combination that no woman can resist.

Accomplished by A pair of stunning earrings!

A 24 karat plated stud earrings.2 cm in length. A silicone closure.

A Mallorca pearl is pending from each earring.

The "Mallorca" pearl are actually made of Belgian glass which have a special coating process.

These Pearls are extremely high resistance to cosmetics, climate change and so on.

Can easily create a harmonic mesh with a Sea necklace or any other jewel you own!