Royal Wrist - Black & White


A beautiful hand must be accompanied by a beautiful bracelet

Glam is a collection that was created to bring out the Diva in you. Feel like you are on the red carpet. Whether at a special event a fancy dinner or the cocktail party after, Glam puts you in the spotlight and brings out the sparkle in you.

Smadar Eliasaf is thrilled to present, A handmade detailed bracelet. An intertwined bracelet with silver plated. The cotton thread is woven to the metal links. The chains are inlaid with different-size black zebra Agates gems and Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski stone is a symbol of world quality crystals. The carved stone has many cuts, which keeps its uniqueness and upgrading the appearance of the bracelet. This bracelet is absolutely fashionable, pleasant, luxurious altogether. The perfect chic gift.

Length: 15-20cm. Adjustable easy to use closure

SEA SMADAR products are handmade fashion jewelry, made from the finest materials and uncompromising quality.