Light Grey Ivy Pop Bracelet - Set

Brand: SEA Smadar Eliasaf

Product Code: B398-AH-GREY-SVR-CLR_E77-SVR-CLR

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A wraparound bracelet accompanied with a matching pair of crystal earring.

Combined with leaf elements, the bracelet is made from round leather cords and flat suede straps of 3 mm. Closes with an S toggle and The bracelet is adjustable and has the possibility of extension and reduction. Length:52 cm- 57cmThe bracelet's elements are 925 sterling silver plated. A clear Swarovski crystal in inlaid within the bracelet. Swarovski stone is a symbol of world quality crystals. The Carved stone has many cuts, which keeps its uniqueness and upgrading the appearance of the bracelet. The bracelet opens up to a long and elegant necklace- which makes it even more wearable. This is an SEA Smadar must have item- it's young yet very classic. You can wear it as an easy necklace or as an upgrading bracelet.

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