Amazonite Secret Necklace


A woman can never have too many secrets!

Cosmo Collection is modern and is inspired by the fast paced, high energy of Manhattan. Whether at a business meeting or a romantic date after work, Cosmo Collection will get their attention and let them know you mean business. It can complement almost any outfit. It's versatile and stunning, just like you.

Smadar Eliasaf is thrilled to present, A detailed handmade necklace. A perfect combination between the metal and the amazonite-shade gems. The chain's links are silver plated, interwind with light color amazonite semi-precious gems.

Length: 50 cm.Clouser: T Bracket.

Inlaid with light-blue Amazonites. The semi-precious gem's color, light blue, render it to a striking aesthetic. The Amazonite stone is associated with the water element and is considered to be one of the most soothing minerals. Don't let this innocent picture mislead you. This is a hand-made necklace that goes well with an evening gown for an impressive look, with a personal statement.

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