Treasures From The Sea set


Smadar Eliasaf is thrilled to present, A leather braclet with 24k gold plated pendent elements and semi precious gems.A wrap-around bracelet in metallic brown-bronze shade. The bracelet is 55 centimeters long, and can be also worn as a necklace.The bracelet is adjustable and has the possibility of extension and reduction.This astonishing piece combines 24k gold plated elements such as heart, coin and leaf. Combining pearls, turquoise stones in various sizes .The Turquoise gemstone is a mineral in opaque color, from blue and green. A deep, round and beautiful.Turquoise symbolizes happiness, health and good luck.Together with 24 karat gold plated elements such as heart, coin and leaf. The turquoise bead gives a young ambient. The bracelet is accomplished by a pair of earrings worth 39$ as a gift!The earrings and bracelet complete the set to a spectacular appearance.These earrings are 24 karat gold plated and a gentel pearl pendent.The earrings closes with a silicone plug. This combination of colors is particularly successful and reminds us of the perfect beach. All you have to do is add a white dress and book your next vacation.This practical piece can be worn as a necklace as well.SEA SMADAR products are handmade fashion jewelry, made from the finest materials and uncompromising quality.Smadar's jewelry sold all over the world, especially the United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico and Japan, with great success.

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