Black Arrow


Fashion jewelry from SEA Smadar Eliasaf new collection -A detailed artwork made with deep attention to the small details. A delicate necklace made from high quality materials .Black lava stones and agate in earthy shades with grainy texture that gives the piece a natural authenticity. A short row of black stones with a 925 silver plated arrow element that is pendant from the beaded chain. This piece adds chic and style to any outfit, and suitable for any situation of the day. Celebrations, work meetings or just going with your friends. Also, this bracelet can be a great gift for someone you love.Smadar Eliasaf (SEA SMADAR) produces handmade fashion jewelry, made from the finest materials and uncompromising quality.Smadar's jewelry are sold worldwide, primarily in the US In Japan, with great success.

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