STYLE TIPS : How to dress for a social occasion

Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine that we are invited to a wedding or any other social occasion…

Your mind starts to wander……Do I even feel like going? How long will it take me to get there? Who will I bump into that I haven’t seen for ages and the most obvious question of all : What Am I Going To Wear???

All the options we have hanging in our closet come to mind- most of them black !

Black pants, black dress, black skirt……..

That gorgeous outfit we bought for a special occasion and never got to wear….maybe now’s the time !

Or maybe  not ☹

We must remember that all those outfits hanging in our closets are the last standing survivors…..the real winners 😊

So if we finally have a winner, an outfit that we are totally satisfied will pull of that classic look for the evening….next on the agenda is of course, the jewelry😊

Believe it or not…the best accessory to your classy black number is black jewelry!!!

Pair this with dominant colors like red, yellow, turquoise, green or orange and your look is complete.

Any piece of jewelry in which black is paired up with a dominant color in any shape, material or form will boost your outfit and make a statement.

Remember that famous shopping rule, “If its not black, Put it back “

Picture in your mind the final ensemble: You in all your glory, hair done, makeup on, in that little black dress that you’ve picked out and to top it all your showstopping black and red, black and yellow, black and turquoise neck piece with those matching earrings. For a look that is chic, dramatic, modern and bold- Now you are ready to walk out the door and make an entrance 😊


  • Jul 26, 2018
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