of Yoga & Jewelry

The first thought that may come to mind is……what is the connection between yoga and jewelry?

My choice of Yoga as a way of life goes way beyond incense and how good I look in  harem pants 😊

My choice of Yoga is as a path to a deeper and fuller understanding of my inner self.

There are many ways to embark on this journey – this is mine!

I begin by slowing down my breathing pattern and opening a new space in my body and soul to slowly decrease the burden of those hundreds of thoughts running through my head

The amazing result is ultimate relaxation and light.

“Enjoy the peace of nature and declutter your inner world”

Once you have achieved this then your thoughts become simple and clear:

 You can list all the things you need to do with your day, what you will be wearing while youre doing them, decide if today is a day to stand out, or blend in?

What shades  and hues you choose to follow you through the rest of your day.

I now complete my Yoga session….

And choose my jewelry for the day!

This scenario  is a glimpse into how  jewelry is created in our studio.

In every new collection which is lovingly hand- made, there is an emphasis on shades, colors, textures, the latest fashion trends and very importantly, comfort!

In our “Boho Chic” collection, necklaces are made up of natural stones and soft cotton strands, designer bracelets are completed with top quality silver plating, leather rings with semi-precious stones and stunning hoop earrings for the perfect look- the perfect you!

Take a deep breath, exhale and Go Get ‘Em 😊







  • Aug 02, 2018
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