Handmade Luxury - Art that is achievable

Handmade- Art that is achievable

Our studio is filled daily with a team but more importantly a "family" of women of all ages and  all walks of life with very different life experiences who come together over their complete love and passion for fashion and design to bring to life the necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that our wonderful clients request- It really is a labor of love :)

When we start to see the glimpses of our new collection magically arising from Smadar's design desk the excitement is tangible

Usually bringing in the summer with shorter necklaces and colorful bracelets and as the temperatures drop the longer necklaces and their counterpart earrings start to make an appearance.

With the arrival of new and exciting raw materials, the need to experiment with different techniques of weaving, sewing, cutting, and binding brings on an immediate need to feel and create.

There is something very nostalgic, familiar and real in the handmade piece which in our evolving world of immediate satisfaction is, unfortunately, becoming obsolete.

Over the last few decades, we see a trend which pushes aside the handmade, soulful designs in favor of the cheaper, factory made and impersonal products which include exploitation of cheap labor and machine-made goods.

Consumer demands and patterns have changed. When a product or garment is no longer required it simply gets swopped for the new more modern version, instead of trying to fix or breathe life into the once beloved creation.

And now for the good news!!!!

Handmade creations are BACKKKK and on the rise.

We, the consumers are finding our way back to the real and tangible and are able to get excited about unique and lovingly handmade lines of designers and artists across the board.

Appreciating the raw materials, new designs and thought that goes into creating these products.

Because as we all know, it demands from the designer: raw talent, time, energy and most important of all a whole lot of love and caring to transform these pieces from an image in their minds to a smile on your face.

"The Desire to Create is one of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul"- Visit our earrings collection and get inspired! 


  • Aug 23, 2018
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