Easy living

Easy living

We are living in an era of abundance

Almost everything is available to us door to door….

With this comes a certain nostalgia, having to release old habits and learn new ones.

This led me on a journey   of soul searching and a need to change values and expectations in order to get the same amount of satisfaction as before.

Don't to be afraid of change, of moving forward and finding any way in your overloaded and busy life to utilize time to your own advantage

We at Sea-Smadar have taken this to heart and welcome you to our very user-friendly website, developed especially for you.

Attention to detail is what symbolizes a quality product that will stand the test of time.

A new and innovative idea which in turn improves my lifestyle, always catches my eye !

The "behind the scenes" story of this particular product is equally as important in my opinion

And especially when it comes to a handmade, and uniquely designed piece of jewelry.

Being a design company managed and run by women makes us a rare blend of fun, quality and fabulous 😊

With the click of a button you can become part of our Sea-Smadar Eliasaf family and enjoy our very modern, easy to wear and trend setting jewelry.

We are always here ready to help you navigate your way around our already easy to use shopping website and can't wait to meet you

See you at Sea 😊


Try our NEW Size guide, for easier shopping experience! 

  • Aug 09, 2018
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