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Eye Catching "Black Diamond"


Smadar Eliasaf is thrilled to present, 
A leather ring  with 24k gold plated.

A dominant leather ring, inlaid with a golden Swarovski Crystal. 

The oval Swarovski Crystal is named the black diamond, because of it's deep grey hues.
Swarovski stone is a symbol of world quality crystals. 

The carved stone has many cuts, which keeps its uniqueness and upgrading the appearance of the bracelet.

Not many know, but the name of this diamond is "Black Diamond" and it has a special hue concocted by Swarovski.
Smadar Eliasaf (SEA SMADAR) produces handmade fashion jewelry, made from the finest materials and uncompromising quality.
SEA SMADAR products are handmade fashion jewelry, made from the finest materials and uncompromising quality.